At Consegna we specialise in being the best, working with the best Cloud Platform:

Amazon Web Services

Our team of Datacentre and Cloud Specialists will build a partnership with you and assist you on your journey to the cloud.

Cloud Readiness

A Consegna Cloud Assessment report provides a roadmap to the cloud with our step-by-step framework. Working through the Migration Acceleration Programme to assess your AWS roadmap.

Architecture / Design

Working closely with the global reach of AWS, our team of Certified Architects, Engineers and DevOps professionals will assemble a fit-for-purpose cloud design for your business. Our many years of delivery experience is backed by AWS through well-architected reviews, frameworks and best practice advisory.


DevOps is proven to help organisations of all sizes improve their cloud software release cycles, software quality, security, and gain the ability for rapid feedback on product development. We will enhance and develop your cloud capabilities through automation, integration and continuous delivery pipelines.

Cloud Jump-Start

Application classification models can pilot your workloads before you migrate. Our AWS Landing Zone approach trials your application workloads in AWS, integrating your on-premise and public cloud environments seamlessly.

Build / Implementation

Our certified Cloud Engineering and Security team will build cloud services to maximise agility, availability and resilience. We deliver DevSecOps and incorporate security into the code level, building cloud infrastructure and applications that can securely scale at speed.

Amazon MSP Services

Through our Amazon Managed Services Partnership, we’re backed by the best global cloud provider. Aligning ITSM process, DevOps functions, billing optimisation and managed service offerings, this ensures peace of mind, uptime and availability for mission-critical systems.

Cloud Strategy

Our proven delivery models and experience, coupled with the provisioning of a Landing Zone approach on AWS, will enable you to get ahead of the discussions and actually start delivering value to your organisation on AWS.

Cost Out Advisory

Our AWS cloud reseller team are highly experienced and will work to increase your cost savings from both existing and new AWS accounts. Our ability to finetune cloud expenditure allows our clients to refocus on deeper integration and innovation of cloud services.

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Some of our clients

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Case studies

The following case studies highlight some of the recent projects
we have completed with our clients.

Our Approach

DevOps Practice

Our team are experts in the AWS tools and services that help enable true DevOps practices. We use AWS CloudFormation to create scripted, repeatable infrastructure deployments as well as AWS CodePipeline, AWS CodeBuild and AWS CodeDeploy for automated build and release pipelines. We can also build and deploy fully serverless solutions using AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon API Gateway and many more.

Well-Architected Framework

Leveraging years of AWS delivery experience across the team we will assess, document and prioritise architectural recommendations. We then work together to remediate and move forward, enhancing your business outcomes on AWS.

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Government and Public Sector Practice

The Consegna Government and Public Sector Practice is helping government departments understand and manage the complexities around the adoption of the Public Cloud. We deliver scalable, cost-effective solutions to support innovation and improve efficiency. Our partnership approach has proven incredibly successful and we are now working with a number of Government Departments and Agencies.

AWS Direct Connect

AWS Direct Connect provides a private, dedicated network from your on-premises environment to critical AWS resources. With AWS Direct Connect, you gain a trusted network connection at a lower cost compared to using general internet bandwidth.

Windows on AWS EC2

AWS is the best platform for running Windows workloads. It offers reliability, cost and security. We’ve built a wealth of experience helping clients migrate their Windows servers and applications onto Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). 


End User Computing

Our AWS End User Computing (EUC) solutions support customers who need to provision, protect, and gain intelligence from end-point devices. At Consegna, we provide services and offerings that help customers with strategy, professional services, managing infrastructure, repeatable intellectual property, and optimization of End User Computing technologies on AWS. 

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About Us

Our team are a dynamic and diverse group of certified and experienced cloud experts. 

We are fast moving and totally customer focused and we specialise in delivering tailored cloud solutions effectively and efficiently for our clients.

Never too Small, Never too Big

From the smallest workload or application project, to a huge AWS datacentre migration. We have the proven experience to be able to handle the job and we have done it before!

Personal Service

Our highly skilled teams will work with you to bring you along on the cloud journey – as the best partnerships are collaborative. We’re determined to provide transparency in every engagement and every detail. Together, we’ll get you going and help you on your cloud journey.

Hunger and Passion

We truly believe in the outcomes we deliver through the Products and Services offered on the public cloud. We want to work with you because we want to share the power and benefits of AWS, and enable your organisation to achieve your business goals.

Our Team

What our clients say

AWS Credentials and Competencies


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