Consegna and Amazon Connect

Amazon Connect is an easy to use omnichannel cloud contact center that helps companies provide superior customer service at a lower cost. Over 10 years ago, Amazon’s retail business needed a contact center that would give their customers personal, dynamic, and natural experiences. They couldn’t find one that met their needs, so they built one themselves. Since making it available for all businesses, thousands of companies ranging from 10 to tens of thousands of agents use Amazon Connect to serve millions of customers daily.

Designed from the ground up to be omnichannel, Amazon Connect provides a seamless experience across voice and chat for your customers and agents. This includes one set of tools for skills-based routing, powerful real-time and historical analytics, and easy-to-use intuitive management tools – all with pay-as-you-go pricing.

Consegna has built and proven experience with Amazon Connect integrations with a number of third-party products including ServiceNow, Webtext, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce amongst others. With Salesforce Service Cloud and Amazon Connect for example, agents can see the important CRM data they need as they interact with customers - all from a single user interface meaning a customer service representative is not having to flick through screens when interacting with a customer. All of the information is readily available.

Amazon Connect is a pay-as-you-go service. There are no required up-front payments, long-term commitments or minimum monthly fees. You pay by the minute for Amazon Connect voice usage plus any associated telephony charges. Amazon Connect voice usage is determined by the minutes your end-customer is connected to the service. For telephony, Amazon Connect offers both direct inward dial (DID) and toll-free phone numbers. 




Amazon Connect Benefits

Make changes in minutes not months

Save up to 80% over traditional contact center solutions

Easily scale to meet unpredictable demand



Consegna’s Amazon Connect Capability

We have successfully built a dedicated team of experienced contact centre and certified AWS professionals to deliver outstanding customer outcomes through Amazon Connect and the Cognitive CX portfolio. Get in touch to find out how you can join the growing number of success stories in ANZ.


Consegna Digital Humans bringing the human touch to digital engagement

Meet Inteso, or “Tess”, a digital human here to provide support and assistance to your customers and your organisation, no matter what services you provide. Built through a world first digital expertise and technology partnership, Tess increases and enhances engagement by giving customers greater flexibility and control over how and when they interact. Empathetic, responsive and on brand, Tess is always available and instantly scales to meet demand.

Tess ensures the human touch is always present in the service experience. The addition of personality and a human touch materially improves engagement, conversion and net promoter score: 83% of emotionally engaged consumers say their loyalty will increase following a positive interaction versus less engaged customers.*

Fulfilling a wide variety of functions, from managing and fulfilling service requests and interactions, assisting with forms and information requests, providing access to knowledge bases and answering questions, or advising and guiding customers through processes (such as application processes, questionnaires or signing up to services), Tess is always consistent, patient and non-judgemental. Through automation of these tasks, your team is free to address high value and unique service needs, enhancing the benefit for your customers.

Come and have a chat with Tess today at