Wellington ICT Graduate School is a Government-led initiative to retrain people with non-technical under-graduate degrees and retrain them to a Masters level in the traditional ICT fields. The course is delivered by Victoria University in Wellington and has a highly successful, industry led programme that has meant almost all of their graduates have gone straight into the ICT workforce upon graduation.


The Challenge

When trying to teach students how to code and run software, the limitations can sometimes be on the students' ability to afford the hardware to successfully run their application. This causes a problem where sometimes ability is not the difference between getting a top or low grade but the amount of money and resources that student has.


The Solution

To take that challenge away the WICTGS, with the help of Consegna, gave every student a WorkSpaces account so they could run their programmes through AWS’s WorkSpaces Desktop as a Service (DaaS). This allowed students to work off netbooks and their phones without any issues and continue where they left off on a desktop when they get home.