Counties Power select Amazon Connect as their contact centre platform

Counties Power select Amazon Connect as their contact centre platform


AUCKLAND, 3 March, 2021 - Counties Power, a 100% consumer-owned power supplier in New Zealand, has selected Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) for their contact centre technology with plans to use and migrate to Amazon Connect, an omnichannel cloud contact centre, to help improve the call centre experience for Counties Power customers.

Counties Power has managed and operated the electricity distribution network in and around the Southern Auckland and Northern Waikato regions for 95 years and provides services to over 43,000 homes, farms and business connections in the fast-growing Counties area. The company has a total asset base of around $300m and revenue of $70m. With support from Consegna, an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, Counties Power deployed Amazon Connect to replace its legacy contact centre platform, Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX). Amazon Connect was deployed in a matter of hours and then configured to meet the specific needs of Counties Power. Key benefits of Amazon Connect include the abilities to scale to meet demand, to make rapid changes, and to rapidly deploy into production. The move to Amazon Connect has helped improve the call centre experience for Counties Power customers, and helped Counties Power lower costs of ownership including those associated with onboarding and licencing fees.

“As part of the migration, Consegna created a web portal where we can easily change and set outage announcements, by simply selecting the areas affected,” says Counties Power GM, Strategy and Business Development, Vivek Rajendran. “Our team were able to make changes to workflows and messaging, such as call flows and shutdown messaging in just 15 minutes. It would have taken a couple of days to work through those changes on the old PABX.”

Initially Amazon Connect was deployed to replace the existing contact centre solution, however Counties Power is now focusing on personalising the customer experience by leveraging existing customer data, such as prior interactions, to seamlessly route customers to the agent best placed to help them, before the call is even answered. To detect issues and customer trends early, Counties Power is also looking to leverage machine learning capabilities within Contact Lens, a feature of Amazon Connect powered by machine learning that gives contact centres the ability to understand the sentiment, trends, and compliance of customer conversations to improve customer experience and identify crucial customer feedback. Future enhancements are also being considered by Counties Power, including the extended use of Amazon Lex, an artificial intelligence service for building conversational interfaces into any application using voice and text, and triaging of calls based on customer history.

“I want to congratulate Counties Power on their successful move to Amazon Connect. At Consegna, we strive to provide excellence in cloud delivery for all of our clients. Counties Power is a prime example, of where the synergies between our people, AWS services and the Counties Power team, have resulted in a fantastic outcome. One which we can continue to extend and add functionality for wider customer experience enhancements. The Consegna team and I are very proud of the migration and pleased to provide the thought leadership and assist Counties Power on their journey to the cloud”, says John Taylor, Managing Director, Consegna.