John Taylor

Managing Director

Michael Butler

Principal - Director of Professional Services and FinOps

Nick Yager

Products and Consultancy Practice Director

Heidi Cotton

Chief Financial Officer

Jeni Taylor

Sales Administration, HR and Office Manager

Karl Stafford

Head of Client Services and Business Operations

Iain Fyfe

Consulting and Architecture Practice Manager

Jan Fredborg

Amazon Connect Practice Manager

Shane Davis

Cloud Evangelist & Product Manager

Kishan Gunaratna

Cognitive CX and Big Data Practice Manager

Quentin Long

Engineering and Security Practice Manager

Stefan Evans

Cloud Portfolio and DevOps Manager

Appukuttan Jayaprakash

Cloud Support Manager

Jono Morgan

National Sales Manager

Justin Brown

Creative Director & Voice of the Customer

Gavin Connell-Otten

South Island Practice Manager

Nitin Yadav

Consulting and Architecture Team Lead

Freddy Ho

Cloud DevOps Architect

Paul Stephenson

Cloud and Security Consultant

Michael Andrew

Product and DevOPs Consultant

Neil Ramsay

Senior Cloud Solutions Engineer

Kalimuthu Sowndappan

Cloud Engineer

James Corrin

Cloud Engineer

Duncan Hinson

Cloud Engineer & Support Specialist

Justin Susans

Cloud & Amazon Connect Specialist

Charles Rey

Service Delivery and Amazon Connect Specialist

Lindsay Newman

Financial Administration

Nidhi Taneja

Cloud Projects Delivery Manager

Eva Yu

Project Manager & FinOps Consultant

Erwin Dejucos

Jnr DevOps Engineer

Jacky Leung

DevOps Technical Lead

Sean Turner

DevOps Engineer

Felix Cheung

Cloud Support Team Lead

Karthick Ramalingam

Cloud and Application Support

Michael West

Cloud Support Engineer

Tabreez Shams

Jnr Service Desk Engineer

Carl Kenny

DevOps Engineer

Jeremy Richie

Cloud DevOps Architect

Nick Little

Cloud Solutions Architect

Akanji Omidiji

Cloud Solutions Architect - Data Specialist